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Computer Aid Launches E-Waste Partnership with the WEEE Centre in Nairobi, Kenya | 2/28/2012

As part of Computer Aid’s ongoing work into preventing and raising awareness of the harmful environmental impacts of end-of-life ICT equipment, we this morning launched a strategic partnership with the WEEE Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. The WEEE Centre is an operation managed by our partners Computer for Schools Kenya and provides e-waste management for Kenya and East Africa, its opening in 2011 was a landmark in the development of environmentally sound e-waste management in Africa.  

By joining forces, the WEEE Centre and Computer Aid will build on an existing foundation of cooperation. The two organisations together will provide training and will support the development of computer recycling facilities throughout Africa.  

Through this partnership, Computer Aid will be able to bring The WEEE Centre’s practical experience in e-waste management in Kenya to its ongoing advocacy work and training sessions across Africa, while CFSK will benefit from Computer Aid’s knowledge of e-waste issues across the continent.  Combining the WEEE Centre’s experience in e-waste management with Computer Aid’s extensive network of contacts across Africa, will also enable the development and creation of e-waste recycling facilities in many more African countries that currently don’t benefit from having recycling centres.

For more information on Computer Aids work relating to ICTs and the Environment please click here

For information on Computer Aid's first e-waste training course taking place in March, please click here

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Keynote Speech by Mr. Dan Mesis, Deputy Secretary Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources, representing Ali D. Mohamed, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources