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Laptop Appeal | 8/20/2012

Help us with our laptop appeal

There is a growing demand for laptops amongst developing nations where their application, in some cases, are saving lives. If you have any you can donate, contact Viv on 44 (0) 208 361 5540,

Benefits of laptops include them being light and easy to transport, can run off a battery when power supplies aren’t always available as well as consuming less energy than PCs.

Donated laptops have gone to a variety of places including:

  • To rural doctors to aid in the diagnosis of life-threatening illnesses in some of the most remote parts of Africa.

Watch the video

To help with our laptop appeal we have produced a two-minute motion feature film. Please watch it, laugh at it and share it so that we can help more people with our campaign.

Donating a laptop

This could not be easier for individuals and organisations. We 100% data wipe the hard-drive to US military standards, cover all legal liabilities, refurbish the laptop to a high standard, barcode the machines so we can track them and then give you an update on where your donated laptop has gone.

For more information just visit Donate PCs.

Open Days in September

We are opening up our warehouse showing the behind-the-scene action at the warehouse this September. For dates and more information visit our Open Day page.

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