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  • Since Computer Aid’s founding in 1998 we have brought access to digital technology to over 1million children and adults and over 1billion hours of access.

    Today, Computer Aid is one of the leading ICT for development - ICT4D - organization, providing low cost solutions using ICT to tackle poverty and to overcome disadvantage, working closely with local communities. Integral to our approach is providing the training so desperately needed; not just computer competency but ensuring that ICT is integrated into curriculums that seek to enhance life chances and provide equal opportunity to those otherwise disadvantaged.
    The challenge is large but our ambitions is huge: the past 17 years we have witnessed how ICT4D can lift inequality by providing practical and empowering solutions to communities and we need your help to reduce further the digital divide and give a chance to more people to improve their lives.

    What we do? See Our Works


    Providing access to educational programs to school and university students and enabling ICT literacy


    Helping farmers to plan crop planting, forecasting and selling to ensure steady income and develop their business


    Assisting rural doctors with technical tools to reach specialists and issue the right diagnose to patients with severe illnesses

    Post Crisis

    Reconnecting refugees with the outside world and giving them an opportunity rebuild their future

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