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Desktop PCs

PC Kit includes: base unit, 15/17" TFT monitor, keyboard, mouse, cables, USB, CD or DVD drives and network interface card.


         a minimum of 2 GB RAM
         Dual Core processors
         a minimum of 80Gb hard disk

You will receive at least the specification listed above, but mostly higher ones.

If you would like to order computer with us, please contact us at

For orders of more than 20 PCs, we add an extra 5% free of charge in case any items are damaged in transit. Please be aware that Computer Aid International is not responsible for any equipment damaged in transit.

~ Power leads have UK plugs (three square pins). We often have European power   leads in stock, so please ask if you need them. In some countries you will need to replace the UK plugs with local plugs. ~ Our machines are supplied without Computer Aid International adding new sound cards although most PCs do now have their own internal devices. ~ All machines are 220/240 volts as standard. If you require machines switched to 110/120 volts, we are happy to provide this service, however, it is essential that you indicate this requirement n your application.


As standard, all our machines come with operating systems.

Computer Aid International is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, which allows us to install Windows 7 licensed operating system at a discounted cost.

We also provide  Microsoft Office 2010 Basic (Word, Excel) on demand.

Other equipments

We can also buy and install the following new components for you:

Inkjet Printer (HP)    + £ 80 per printer
Laserjet Printer (HP)    + £ 100 per printer
Speakers    + £ 15 per PC
USB wireless adaptor + £ 15 per PC
2Gb USB flash memory stick    + £ 10 each
Webcam    + £ 25 each
Digital Camera    + £ 110 each
Surge Protector 4 UK plug sockets (230V)    + £ 10 each
Uninterruptible Power Supply (230V):    + £ 55 each (can support two computers)

If you want to order any other new product, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Please note when ordering UPSs that the weight and therefore shipping cost of your order will increase. This does not apply to container orders. The above costs include installation by Computer Aid technicians in London . In many cases you may be able to buy these new items and install them more cheaply in your country so please check whether this is the case before ordering from

Children at Shangilia orphanage in the Kangemi slum area in Nairobi,  Kenya, learning IT skills.

Children at Shangilia orphanage in the Kangemi slum area in Nairobi, Kenya, learning IT skills.