Computer Disposal

Our professional computer disposal service uses environmentally friendly methods to recycle devices and provide lasting sustainable solutions for all.

At Computer Aid, we pride ourselves on our highly-skilled, discreet computer disposal service. This process requires sensitivity and confidentiality, from data wiping and tracking to secure disposal. 

With over 25 years of skilled expertise in the industry, our computer disposal method provides our clients with eco-friendly results and complete peace of mind. Our focus is on offering ethically sound solutions for our customers and paying it forward to those who could benefit from the scheme the most.

Specialists In Computer Disposal

Our experienced team uses a robust system to ensure each device goes through a seamless method of removal, comprehensive deletion and computer disposal to support the reduction of electronic equipment and hazardous waste in landfills. Our process works differently from our competitors, we aim to fix the computer; if this cannot happen, we recycle. Waste from electronic devices is a significant strain on our environment. 

Computer disposal is an innovative way of providing sustainability solutions for your company and the wider community. Using this recycling or upcycle technique, we can employ your old computers to bridge the technology gap for developing countries like South Africa, or areas in the UK where technological resources are either low or non-existent.

Why Choose Our Computer Disposal Service?

Our computer disposal service helps large and small companies remove unwanted devices from their organisation and repurpose them back into the world. By partnering with our clients, we can provide essential tools that could aid progression in underdeveloped areas and create opportunities for those who need them the most. 

Our team has developed a safe and efficient computer disposal service that can enable businesses to dispose of unwanted or old equipment without the hassle and at a time that suits you. 

We want you to feel included, so we offer all our clients details explaining how their contribution has helped provide restored high-quality equipment and educational potential to a new wave of people. Over our 25-year span, we have already brought technological access to over 14.5 million people.