Computer Lab from a charity project

3 Ideas to Help Your Business Support Charity

Thinking of the best ideas for your business to support a charity isn't always an easy thing to do. While there may well be a huge variety of options open to you as an individual, the same can't always be said from a business perspective.

However, these three ideas all go a huge distance in helping you to make the biggest impact possible - and they're easy to do!


1. Donate Old Electronics & Computers

One of the easiest and most convenient ways that your business can support charity comes from nothing more than simple donations. Just like giving your outdated computers and electronics to create usable donations to specific charities, such as Computer Aid. By donating your PCs and electronics, your organisation can save time and money on other recycling methods. All whilst positively contributing to society by ensuring that your devices can be used again.

Specialised services are available to ensure that the devices are collected, wiped safely, and then sold or reused to help give back. It really has never been easier.


2. Fundraisers & Activities

One of the more common ideas that your business could use to support charity is fundraising in any way that you see fit. By using public or internal events and sponsorships or even staff donations, you're able to really make the most of the resources you have. That's on top of your staff getting to take part in fun activities or events and getting a huge morale boost.

If you choose this route, you're helping to motivate your staff, giving back to your community, and don't have to contribute more than your business can afford either. It’s all done through the power of people. A really great tool to have under your belt.


3. Cash Donations & Point of Sale Options

Finally, there is absolutely no problem with sticking with the simple option, and in this case that is cash donations. It could be from the business itself as part of a regular or annual donation to help support a cause close to the business. Alternatively, it could be collections received from customers or clients at the point of sale or even using a good old fashioned charity box.

Luckily, fundraising is flexible. You can choose to raise money in a unique way that suits your business, and it all ends up helping a charity.


Ultimately, there are all kinds of ways out there that you can give to charity. From cash donations and fundraising to donating your products or equipment to services like Computer Aid, supporting a charity has never been easier.