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The Business Benefits of Donating Old Computers to Charity

With so many charitable and environmental benefits to donating old computers, what are the direct benefits for your business?

At Computer Aid, we often talk about the benefits of donating old and unwanted computers to charity in relation to the end-user and how donations help them. But we are also strong advocates for the environmental benefits of such donations, supporting enhanced sustainability within the tech industry and reducing e-waste. So, what about the benefits of donating old computers to charity for you as a business?

How does this charitable initiative benefit your business directly? Let’s take a closer look.

1.  Tax benefits

We don’t need to tell you that monetary donations to charity are tax deductible – but did you know that the same is true of any goods that you donate to charity? Supporting a registered charity, you can claim a tax reduction for the value of any unwanted computers you donate, and then use those savings to offset the cost of new technology for your business.

2.  Employee engagement

Engagement is the key to retention in the modern working world – with increasing numbers of employees and candidates seeking purpose and workplace engagement as part of their priorities in a new or existing role. One of the best ways of giving each employee purpose and a sense of belonging is to involve them in business endeavors that benefit others – such as your charitable initiatives.

Involve your employees in recycling and donating old computers and watch how it increases morale and a sense of belonging, as well as productivity. And that’s before you bring in the new and upgraded devices for them all to use!  

3.  Community involvement

There are all sorts of charities out there that accept old and unwanted computers as a donation, with local charities an especially good option for those who want to really immerse their business in the community and create good connections with local businesses and stakeholders. Harnessing goodwill within the community can do wonders for the reputation and success of your business – not to mention it can help you build positive relationships and demonstrate an action-based commitment to your corporate social responsibility.

4.  Save on disposal costs

We started with a financial benefit, so we’ll end on one too. When you dispose of old or unwanted computers and technology devices of your own accord, you end up footing the bill – and provided that you are disposing of these items safely, these costs can add up. When you donate your devices to charity, not only do you alleviate these costs but as aforementioned, there are tax-cutting benefitting – a double whammy of financial benefits.

To cut a long story short, donating your unwanted computers isn’t just good for charity – it’s good for business too.

Please note that any donated equipment must fit the following criteria: i3/i5/i7 processor, 250GB hard drive, 4GB RAM, no more than 7 years old, in working condition.

To find out more about how you can become a charitable partner of Computer Aid International, reach out directly to us today.