Computer Projects for School Students

Computer projects for students and how donated laptops can help.

A big part of our mission sees us presenting laptops to schools, to support the ongoing education and development of students and to enhance the facilities made available to them. But it’s not just the students themselves who benefit from the donations we receive and equipment we deliver.

When we partner with and support schools in developing areas such as Rwanda, the provision of laptops helps both students and teachers to access the most up to date information, curriculum guidance, and educational resources. This in turn develops the modernisation of these facilities and schools, empowering students of all ages to embrace the future of technology. They can then work to become attuned to the increasing use of technical skills in different industries.

Computer Aid in Rwanda

Working across eight different secondary schools as designated by the Rwanda Education Board, Computer Aid has recently implemented technical advancement that is set to support up to 2,000 students in the short term and up to 12,000 students over the lifespan of the technology.

Through providing laptops to these eight schools, alongside printers and other technology which enhances the way these laptops are used, we can implement sustainable curriculum changes which give teachers access to information and resources they didn’t previously have.

As part of the program, we have provided training to three teachers from each school in order to give them the competency to utilise the laptops to optimum efficiency, while the remaining teachers have been presented with courses to complete and surveys to fill in which allow us to monitor the success rate and benefits of installing computers in the school system.

The aim, through the provision of laptops across these schools, is to create sustainable change in the teaching methods and to allow the students to become familiar with technology to boost their competency, personal development, and future opportunities.

Changing education through computer donations

In the long term, we hope that by providing computers and laptops in schools around the world, we can create a balance of opportunity among communities who otherwise would have no access to modern technologies.

When young people are given the tools to build their own development and passions, they are given a chance to thrive. And it is this which we hope to nurture and grow in the coming months and years, with the help of our supporters, partnerships, and corporate donors.