A computer lab with a fun mural.

Computers with Causes

The fast-paced technological innovation has provided us with powerful computers/laptops at lower prices. Every time we upgrade our computers (or other gadgets) to gain more speed or more storage, we are left with preloved computers that no longer meet our needs. It leaves us in a dilemma - what to do with them?

What happens to those electronic devices? Most are dumped in tech cupboards, in empty office spaces, or in another out of sight, out of mind location for so long that they become obsolete. Even worse, others are sent to landfills, where their chemicals leach out polluting the environment.   

There is a better alternative, dispose of your devices responsibly. Recycling is a good option, but reusing is even better. When you donate a laptop to a place that recycles by refurbishing computers, you could help someone desperately in need of them.

Computer Aid is dedicated to helping charitable causes across the world by promoting innovative technology reuse. We take your equipment, wipe the data, cleanse it, and send it to different programmes across the world to help bridge the digital divide. Also, with donations, the cost of setting up a computer lab in a school, library, or community centre is cut by 70%. 

Here are some more reasons to donate your devices:

Support your local community

Your out-of-date computers that are in working condition can be immensely beneficial to your local community. We refurbish your computers and then send them to schools, charitable organisations, and low-income families who cannot afford a new computer. Therefore, by donating your computer/laptop to us, you can help offer technology to people in your community. When people receive a computer/laptop, they feel empowered to discover new opportunities and unlock their full potential. People use their donated devices to find and train for new jobs, pursue education, and connect with friends and family. 

Help conserve natural resources.

When you choose to recycle or refurbish your computer instead of throwing it out, you help to reduce the number of resources required to produce a new one. Various components on older computers can be reused to produce new computers. For example, the glass and plastic from the computer monitors can be reused, thus limiting the amount of these resources required to create new computers.

Do your part 

If you've had a tech upgrade, moved offices, or simply have some devices that could do with a new home, contact Computer Aid. Doing so not only benefits your local community but the environment as well. Computer Aid takes preloved devices and works with our official refurbishing partner, Tier 1 to restore them to a good working condition to extend the lifespan of the device.

Get in touch to find out more about partnership opportunities, so together we can reduce the digital divide.