Laptop waste in landfill

Computers in Landfill

Did you know that the typical e-waste from a single year, when laid out in a long line, would reach a length of about 77 miles?

Did you know that the typical e-waste from a single year, when laid out in a long line, would reach a length of about 77 miles?

By weight, this waste equates to approximately 375 cruise ships in 2022 alone – with global e-waste production growing by over 20% in the last ten years.

Safe to say, e-waste is on the rise – and with technology use and the lifespan of devices largely outweighed by the constant desire to upgrade and own something newer and better than before, the production of e-waste is becoming a global problem.

That’s why, here at Computer Aid, we put as much emphasis on the recycling concept of our scheme, as on the impact that our work has on the charities and organisations that need us.

What Computer Aid is doing to combat e-waste

When organisations, companies, and businesses outgrow their current IT infrastructure, or decide to upgrade to newer devices, most of their e-waste goes straight to landfill. Not only does this have a huge impact on the environment – after all, all that waste needs to go somewhere – but the hazardous and often toxic materials used to make these devices poses a risk to people’s health when they are not disposed of properly.

Computer Aid offers an alternative solution which is both easier and infinitely more environmentally friendly – allowing corporate businesses to donate unwanted devices and improve their environmental and economic impact.

Those devices that can be put to further use are wiped completely, refurbished, and then sent out to locations and areas that are in dire need of equipment, using our partnership with local organisations. These devices go to schools in developing countries and to those who need them most.

Devices that are not suitable for reuse or which are broken beyond repair are recycled efficiently and safely, cutting out the need for landfill completely.

In short, when your business partners with Computer Aid, we remove the need for damaging landfill by giving your organisation an environmentally friendly, charitable way of removing unwanted equipment.

Say NO to landfill

The fact is, refurbishing a computer is 20 times more efficient than recycling it – with the correct outlet allowing your unwanted devices to be used by those who need them, long after your company has outgrown its capacity and usage.

Sign up with Computer Aid and benefit from our refurbishment and recycling services.