Donating Laptops | Laptops for Schools, Students, Charity and Others

Donating Laptops

With a focus on reusing, recycling, and refurbishing unwanted laptops from corporate businesses and organisations across London and the UK, Computer Aid takes unwanted devices and gives them a new lease of life before passing them as donations to schools and other establishments and charities.

Empowering businesses to take control of their corporate responsibility, by giving them a way of aiding both the environment and those in need through the act of donating computers and other technology, the core aim of Computer Aid is to nurture a healthier planet and support those less fortunate in benefitting from access to online tools and technology.

The simple fact is that technology makes it possible for students to stay connected during home learnings; for those in marginalised and developing countries to learn new skills; and for schools to enhance their curriculum and learning processes.

But none of that is possible without corporate donations.

Where and How to Donate Laptops

When you sign up and become a partner of Computer Aid, we come out and pick up all of the laptops and other devices that you no longer use in your business. Conducting a full data sweep to guarantee the protection of your data and company information, we then take those devices which can be renewed and reused away for refurbishment and ensure safe and efficient disposal of those devices which cannot be saved.

We currently operate across London and other areas of the UK, with an aim to keep growing so we can empower more schools, students, and charities to embrace 21st century learning.

Donating Laptops to Schools

When schools receives laptops through our donation program, not only can they offer more in the way of online support for learning to both teachers and pupils, but they create opportunities for students to learn skills outside of the classroom and enhance their practical skillsets for further development.

Laptops are a particularly beneficial tool for schools and educational establishments, because they present a portable and user friendly interface which both teachers and students can use for professional and personal development – but that’s not all we accept.

Here at Computer Aid, we also accept donated tablets, phones, and computers as well as other technical accessories – transforming those which can be refurbished into tools to support the growth and development of those in need, both in UK schools and further afield.

Donating Laptops to Charities

The international branch of our work sees us donating refurbished laptops to communities in need – with recent projects seeing us send devices to Zambia and Zimbabwe among other locations. By presenting 21st century technology to these communities, we allow them to get online and reduce the global gap which separates those with online access from those without it.

With access to online training, community leaders can understand new skills to benefit the local area; business owners and creators can get online and build their presence; teachers can get up to date with the latest curriculum and topics for children to understand for the benefit of their future.

All of that is possible when you donate your unwanted laptops and devices to Computer Aid – and it couldn’t be easier to do.

Simply reach out to us to schedule a call back and let us talk you through the process – including what happens next and when to expect the impact report detailing how your donation has helped others. And remember, if your devices aren’t suitable for refurbishment, we offer a safe disposal so that no device, laptop, computer, or electric wire goes to landfill.