Electrical Recycling and Disposal of Products

Electrical Recycling and Disposal of Products

In this blog, we’re looking at electrical recycling as part of a more sustainable approach to business and to your everyday life...

We’re all told that we need to recycle more, both at home, at school, at work, in the office, and in every aspect of our daily lives.

Electrical recycling is just one branch of that. It is the practice of minimising e-waste – an issue which is growing at an alarming rate, and which sees harmful and toxic substances released into the ground, surrounding water sources, and the air around the landfill site.

In this blog, we’re looking at electrical recycling as part of a more sustainable approach to business and to your everyday life – sharing how best to recycle electrical products, what happens when you recycle devices, and how to maximise your social, economic, and financial returns on such recycling.

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What is electrical recycling?

When it comes to recycling electronic and electrical equipment, the number one challenge lies in separating out the various components and materials which make up the device. Thus, electrical recycling is far more complex than it first appears, requiring specialist treatment facilities which can remove potentially hazardous components and split the device or hardware into its different categories.

Without this recycling process, unwanted devices become what is called e-waste – which is when landfill sites become filled with toxic substances and large electrical goods, effectively polluting the surrounding environment and creating huge amounts of waste.

Why should we recycle electrical items?

Recycling electrical items isn’t just about protecting the environment from pollution – it is also about increasing the lifespan of electrical goods in an attempt to become more sustainable, to reduce the carbon emissions produced by electronic goods’ production, and to reduce e-waste on our planet.

How are electrical items recycled?

There are a number of ways in which electrical goods can be recycled, the first of which requires a simple wipe and refurbishment, before goods are resold or donated to worthy causes via an organisation like Computer Aid.

If goods are not in a fit state to be reused, they are passed to a processing plant where they will be manually sorted before each device is stripped down into its core materials and components. From there, the different materials can be processed accordingly – ensuring optimum safety.

Where to recycle electrical products?

Depending on how you want to dispose of your electrical products and their condition, you can either get in touch with an organisation like Computer Aid or you can contact your local processing centre. 

How do you dispose of faulty electrical items?

Faulty electrical goods are best handed to a professional recycling facility, which will strip them of the parts which can be used again and will dispose effectively of those faulty components which could become hazardous if left.

Can you recycle electrical goods…

For Cash?

In order to encourage recycling and to reduce the e-waste produced by local communities, councils across the UK have developed a series of initiatives whereby residents will be rewarded with cash for recycling their goods effectively. Retailers who are able to refurbish and resell unwanted electrical items are funded by the government to purchase such items from consumers – creating a chain of recycling and reusing items so that they do not become hazardous waste.

Such initiatives are supported by some of the biggest technology companies in the UK and beyond.

For Sale?

If you are looking to resell unwanted devices off your own back, provided that the device is in good working order then this can be done via any marketplace site such as Facebook Marketplace or eBay.

For Free?

For those consumers and businesses who do not want to financially benefit from electrical recycling, why not consider and research the value of donating your unwanted devices to an organisation that refurbishes them for less fortunate users and communities?

Learn more about Computer Aid and how we breathe new life into unwanted devices and hardware, by visiting our website or getting in touch directly.

FAQs on electrical recycling

How can one recycle electrical wires?

If you are getting rid of old chargers or electrical wires, take them to your local recycling point where they can be processed and bagged in the right way.

Can you put electrical items in the recycling bin?

Electrical waste needs to go to a specific facility to ensure that its components and any toxic substances are removed safely. As a result, these items should only be disposed of in the proper way, not with standard recycling.