Children using some laptops.

How Donating Laptops Can Help Students

Whether you’ve made it to this page because you’re interested in the charitable aspect of our work or the environmental solutions to disposing of your company's e-waste, our work is centered around providing benefits both to the companies who partner with us and the organisations who we support.

The simple fact is, our world is becoming increasingly reliant on technological know-how and access, which means that those who don’t have technology at their fingertips are being left behind – both in terms of opportunity and skill development. This digital divide is becoming broader and harder to cross every single year, with unwanted but perfectly usable technology making its way to landfill where it damages the environment and sits dormant when it could be used to enhance connectivity around the world.

That’s where Computer Aid comes in – offering businesses a solution which allows them to get rid of unwanted e-waste, and see their technological devices refurbished and repurposed for use in schools and facilities around the world.

How your unwanted technology helps others

As part of our service, we collect and wipe all technology of existing data, resetting it so that it can be refurbished or recycled without impacting your company or personal data security.

While unusable technology is recycled safely and securely, those items which can be restored and reused are put into our charitable program – whereby we work with various partner organisations around the world to provide both the devices and the skills development workshops to teachers in locations where technology and internet access is not part of their daily routine.

As well as upskilling those teachers and giving them access to up-to-date information to support their teaching, this access to technology provides students with an opportunity to develop the skills necessary to build their own businesses; learn about opportunities outside of their home community; even follow career paths that they otherwise would not have known about.

This isn’t exclusive to developing countries and less fortunate schools. Our donations have also helped a multitude of schools, particularly during the pandemic, when home learning became crucial to the continued and consistent education of pupils. The provision of laptops meant that children could continue to learn and interact in a regulated school setting while remaining remote for optimum safety. In many educational facilities, remote learning has now been combined with physical teaching for a more comprehensive and accessible approach to learning – something which couldn’t be achieved without the work of organisations like ours.  

The potential that can be nurtured by presenting a school with laptops and desktops is huge – and best of all, all that potential comes from simply donating something that your company no longer uses. To learn more about how to donate your unwanted devices and technologies, get in touch.