No Playstation, No Netflix, No Facebook - what would you do without technology in a quarantine?

In these dark times, we rely heavily on technology to entertain us and keep us connected. Today alone I’ve used 4 different gadgets and been online almost constantly. A quarantine has been talked about as a time to catch up on your Netflix queue, an excuse to finally complete those video games you downloaded months ago, or even a chance to finish reading those books which have piled up over the years. But unfortunately for those we work with this isn’t always possible.

With schools closing and public gatherings discouraged, those without access to technology are more isolated than ever before. This period of uncertainty and worry can easily lead to loneliness and depression without a way of checking in with your friends and family. 

Computer Aid International exists to bring people access to technology because we believe everyone has the right to have equal access to it. We’ve sent more than 260,000 computers to over 100 countries to tackle the problem. At this moment we’re asking for your help to send even more. Something as simple as sending a WhatsApp is taken for granted in our society but there are still millions of people who cannot access a phone or computer to do this. 

Help us to bring more technology access to the world by donating to our general fund here: