ICDL Ceremony

Our Recent Achievements

The last couple of months have been very busy for the Computer Aid team. Celebrating the success of the teachers and students involved in our Digital Schools projects was one of the highlights, alongside some amazing donations. 

Take a look at what we've been up to...


Kenya Digital Schools – Teacher Certification Ceremony

Teachers in the Kenya Digital Schools project had their ICDL certification ceremony in mid-October at Enaiposha Girls High School in Naivasha, Kenya. ICDL is the skills body we use to train, assess and certify beneficiaries in our projects, and they are the market leader in ICT skills certification. 

The ceremony allowed all 30 teachers across the 10 schools to receive official ICDL certification for all modules passed in the assessment. In total, there were 175 passes across all 30 teachers and each teacher passed an average of 6 modules. Teachers were trained in the following modules: Computer Essentials, Online Essentials, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations, and ICT in Education.

Teachers receiving their certificate at the Kenya Digital Schools award ceremony.

Rwanda Digital Schools Visit

Computer Aid staff are currently visiting Kigali, Rwanda for the Rwanda Digital Schools project. This is our first visit to Kigali since the project officially began. The visit gives us the opportunity to visit each of the 8 schools and oversee the deployment and installation of the computer labs. 

We will also collect baseline data from students and principals as part of our impact assessment. This data will focus on students’ previous technology usage, their aspirations, and the challenges they currently face. Principals will provide data about their school such as attendance rates, teacher retention, and student grades in STEM subjects.

Gitanda Secondary School, part of the Rwanda Digital Schools project

IT Donations

In October, we received IT donations from a number of companies including recurring donors Oxford University Press, Siemens, Medical Protection Society, IFC Western Europe, Shoosmiths LLP and GSMA. Donations consisted of desktop computers, laptops, and monitors. 

Any equipment with hard-drives will be data-wiped and all equipment will be refurbished and sent to our partners in the developing world, or domestically to underserved communities. Equipment that has reached its end-of-life will be recycled.

We thank these companies for their continued commitment to reducing e-waste, promoting the circular economy, and lessening technological inequalities.


To donate, email us at info@computeraid.org