Safe and Effective Computer Disposal in London

Computer Disposal

Here at Computer Aid, we specialise in turning your company’s unwanted technology and equipment into valuable tools for those in need. Whether it’s supporting schools in disadvantaged areas or helping whole communities in marginalised countries, our computer disposal service provides a new lease of life to equipment which is otherwise left by the wayside – forgotten about in a storage cupboard or left behind during an office move.

Here’s how it works.

What is computer disposal?

When you partner with Computer Aid, we collect and professionally refurbish those computers and devices which are deemed outdated or useless by your company, but which could provide a lifeline or learning tool to those in need.

With both environmental and social benefits, computer disposal allows you to turn unwanted equipment into valuable donations – reducing waste and instilling technology skills in those who otherwise have no access to technology and equipment.

Policy and Procedures

Our policies and procedures are simple. With data security of the upmost concern to us, we make sure to wipe every piece of information from each device prior to its refurbishment and guarantee that 0% of the technology donated and accepted by our team goes to landfill.

Beyond that, we promise to let you know where your unwanted devices are sent, with an impact report informing you of exactly how your technology has supported and improved the opportunities of those in need.

How should you safely dispose of a computer?

The sad truth is that computer disposal outside of our organisation largely results in technology going straight to landfill – where it has a negative impact on the environment and only adds to the growing amount of e-waste which is polluting our world.

To safely dispose of a computer, the best method is to channel it into a refurbishment and recycling system like ours, as part of a corporate partnership.

Donating computers and technical equipment – the process

Our business model is simple – we take your unwanted computers, collecting them from your business premises, stripping them of any and all data, and refurbishing them before presenting them to schools, educational establishments, and overseas communities where the technology is needed.

With free data wiping and asset tracking a part of the package, not only can you donate safe in the knowledge that your company data is safe – you can also learn more about who your unwanted computers are helping. To get started, simply request a call back on our website so that we can discuss the process with you directly.