Children using computers.

What Can I Donate to Computer Aid?  

With a commitment to both protecting the environment from the harmful effects of e-waste and landfill, while also promoting the reuse of unwanted technology in supporting the growth and opportunity of students and those living in less fortunate areas, here at Computer Aid we offer a selection of services which bolster businesses environmental impact and provide technological opportunity on a global basis.

To operate, we rely on the donations of individuals and corporations, who are willing to part with their outdated, unwanted, and excess equipment and technological devices – whether that be phones, laptops, desktops, and more. That’s why, here at Computer Aid, we are always ready to answer your questions and help you to understand exactly how our services benefit you.

Why should a business donate to Computer Aid?

When devices are donated to Computer Aid, they are wiped of all data before being refurbished and then passed on to schools, educational facilities, and even prisons in need. These donations empower individuals in these areas to learn and enhance their skill sets through the use of technology – creating new opportunities for economic growth in areas where previously the technical world has remained out of reach.

As a business, knowing that your unwanted equipment has been used to elevate the learning for students around the world, to rehabilitate inmates in prisons, and to support the learning potential of teachers in schools and facilities in developing countries, ticks both an economic and environmental impact box. Not to mention, it makes technology waste easier than ever to get rid of quickly and safely.  

What you can donate to Computer Aid

Here at Computer Aid we work with businesses of all sizes, and government organisations – turning unwanted devices into supporting technology support systems for those with previously limited access to the online world.

We accept mobile phones, landline phones, desktops, laptops, tablets, and technical accessories – with our service including a full and comprehensive data wipe before equipment is processed for refurbishment or recycling.

Crucially, your equipment does not have to be in pristine condition to be accepted – if the technology is not suitable or able to be refurbished, we offer a full recycling service to ensure that your e-waste never ends up damaging the environment and public health from a landfill site.

If you have unwanted equipment, regularly update your company technology systems, or simply want to find an economic and environmentally friendly way of getting rid of unwanted devices at your business, Computer Aid has the service for you. Get in touch or visit our website to find out the next steps to donating.