The Benefits of Ethical IT Disposal for ESG

Unwanted or unused technology and IT devices in the workplace have become a leading contributor of e-waste, which is turning landfill sites into hazardous chemical wastelands and destroying the natural world year by year.

In order for corporate businesses and companies to reverse the negative impact of e-waste on the environment, and to nurture a positive brand image in light of green initiatives, they need to explore and understand the importance of ethical IT disposal. More specifically, what it looks like and what options there are to make it accessible for modern businesses.

But before we start considering the benefits of ethical IT disposal for businesses, particularly in relation to ESG, we first need to answer one key question: what is ESG and why does it matter?

Why does ESG matter?

ESG, also known as ESG factors or goals, refer to those initiatives followed by businesses, which cover their environmental, social, and governance commitments. When a business focuses on its ESG, they are essentially funnelling resources into understanding and mitigating the risk that any of their inhouse activity has on the environment, the social standing, and their business governance.

As a result, a great deal of ESG focus lies in what businesses can do to balance the scales of their corporate activity, considering factors like how they manage the people in their business, how they protect the environment, and how they lead and manage in line with stakeholder expectations.

So, what does this have to do with IT disposal?

The link between IT and ESG

When a business takes the steps towards a more sustainable technology initiative, for example donating unwanted and unused IT devices, they tick the boxes for both environmental and social responsibility. This is because by channelling unwanted tech into donations and recycling projects rather than simply discarding and sending those devices to landfill, the environmental risk is removed and some direct charitable activity is recorded.

In a world where social responsibility has as much to do with the way a business supports marginalised countries overseas as it has to do with the impact a business can have on the local community, the versatility and flexibility of each Computer Aid donation means that every unwanted device goes where it is most needed. Best of all, for those businesses looking to boost their ESG activity, every donation is met with an impact report and regular updates on how the donation has been used.

The benefits of ethical IT disposal

With all that in mind, what are the benefits of ethical IT disposal for corporations?

First things first, any activity which is free and which ticks ESG boxes is a positive one – particularly when donating old technology means that a business can be seen to support both environmental and social factors.

In addition to protecting the environment by directing old tech towards various charity partners rather than into landfill, the social aspect of ethical IT disposal means that supporting this kind of initiative will also increase the organisation’s brand image – both for customers and colleagues. People want to support and connect with brands that are seen to be doing what they can for the environment.

Finally, ethical IT disposal brings a host of other benefits including comprehensive data wiping and safe disposal for those devices that are not suitable for recycling or reuse. This means that even broken and faulty tech can be donated to us at no cost, rather than being discarded for landfill.

Is Computer Aid the right recipient for your unwanted tech?

Here at Computer Aid, we work with corporate clients and businesses across the UK, funnelling their unwanted tech into charitable projects to nurture a greener future, protect the environment from the rise in e-waste, and to empower people around the world to have better access to technology and digital skills.

To find out more about Computer Aid and to kickstart your ESG activity with a donation, get in touch with us!