Best Student Laptops 2023: How to Choose the Best Laptop for You

With personal devices and laptops readily available across the technology market, both brand new and refurbished and preloved, it’s fair to say that there truly is something available for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a small and compact device to use on campus at university, or a laptop on which to store all your school work as you approach exam season, the best laptops for students vary depending on academic level, what they’re studying, and what they need from their laptop.

In this blog, we’re sharing a few tips on how to identify the best laptop for you, depending on whether you’re still in school, heading to college, or getting ready for university – followed by our pick of the top models and devices to research.

How to identify the best laptop for you

The best laptops for schools are those which combine interactive learning tools with all the main programs and apps to support learning in school and outside of the classroom – not to mention, which boast a sturdy and durable design which can withstand regular use.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, laptops became particularly crucial in facilitating communication between the school and pupils, allowing teachers to engage with their class even during the lockdown when schools were closed. As such, laptops for schools have now become something that are regarded as a necessary investment for both individual pupils and for whole classrooms, granting pupils access to supplementary resources and learning tools and giving teachers unlimited access to online tools of their own.

For those seeking the best student laptops for university, the number one thing you need to look for is plenty of capacity for all the programs and apps you will need, while ensuring that the device is compact enough to be carried around campus and used in lectures and other study groups. University students need to be able to get their work done and use their laptop for other endeavours including entertainment and supplementary research and learning, requiring a device which promotes productivity as well as connectivity and access to the internet and other accessories.

With all that in mind, here are a handful of the best laptops for students – considering everything from the user experience and price to the quality and reputation of the manufacturer and brand.

The best laptops for students: uncovered

Apple Mac: If there’s one laptop which is considered the leading personal device by students at college right the way through to university and beyond, it’s the Apple Mac. Designed to utilise Apple’s own programs and apps, with a silent operation which is ideal for classroom learning and an unrivalled battery that will last for days, any Apple Mac makes studying enjoyable and easy to navigate. Plus, Apple Mac laptops are so coveted that they usually perform well on the second hand market for those looking to purchase a refurbished or more affordable model.

HP Pavilion: Considered one of the leading student laptops in terms of affordability and value, this laptop is an excellent all-rounder which enables study, entertainment, play, and everything in between. The optimised battery life and clear screen make this just as useful in the lecture hall as when playing your favourite computer game – ensuring it keeps you going both inside and outside the classroom.

Dell XPS 13: With a sleek design and lightweight build, this is the perfect laptop for students at college or university who need to carry their device around with them and access it quickly during lessons. Far from the slow and noisy start up of old machines, this particular laptop is efficient and well-built – meaning it can withstand a few knocks and still allow you to benefit from its great screen and powerful battery life.

There are tons of other models out there on the market which combine performance with style, so you can work hard and look good doing it. The main thing to remember is that the right laptop for you will provide access to productivity tools as well as games – but what happens when your model becomes outdated and you feel like you need to upgrade and say goodbye to your old device?

The role of sustainability in the world of tech and education

Computer Aid bridges the gap between technology and education, by uniting those less fortunate with devices, laptops, and technology resources to optimise their access to online learning and support. Taking unwanted and donated devices from corporate clients and individuals, our team refurbish devices and present them to schools and other facilities across the UK, as well as communities overseas to help tackle the growing divide between those who contribute towards e-waste and those who lack access to basic technology.

For students seeking the right laptop to support their studies, whether by upgrading their existing device or buying something new, having an understanding of sustainability means recognising the damage caused by e-waste and taking steps to minimise your contribution towards this growing global issue.

Get in touch with Computer Aid to learn more about how we support communities around the world, transforming e-waste and unwanted devices and tech accessories into a lifeline for others.