Computer Aid International launches new crowd-funder website for Solar Learning Lab

Computer Aid International are launching a new crowdfunding website for their latest project in South Africa. They hope to bring more solar learning labs to schools across the Eastern Cape provinces allowing students to access digital skills, in some cases for the first time ever. The new website - - gives the chance for anyone to donate towards this exciting new project, both companies and individuals.

How is a solar learning lab created? We convert a shipping container into a well-lit and ventilated classroom and install Dell Wyse Thin Client workstations that use only four percent of the energy required versus traditional PCs and are managed by a PowerEdge air-cooled server. In addition to this, the container is fitted with solar panels to generate electricity enabling it to be deployed in remote locations. Up to 20 students can receive ICT training in the lab at a time.

So far 18 labs have been fully funded by Dell Technologies in six countries around the word, twelve of them being in South Africa.  Computer Aid is now looking to expand the success seen from these initial learning labs in order to positively impact additional students and communities. To scale, Computer Aid is seeking financial and in-kind support from partners who would like to get involved and help bridge the educational gap in areas suffering from a lack of access to energy and technology. As part of their social impact commitment to advance sustainability, cultivate inclusion and transform lives with technology, Dell Technologies has already started to support this incredible journey by fully funding the first lab of this program and providing the technology for the next three labs to be deployed in South Africa.

Technology is a great tool for engaging students in lessons, regardless of the subject. By incorporating technology in an education setting, the children who might have limited or no access to technology and education, now have access to both.  The project provides a sustainable philanthropic solution to any corporate or individual who wants to impact under-served children and youth.

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