Utelize partner with Computer Aid

Computer Aid partner with Utelize

Utelize X Computer Aid


Computer Aid partner with Utelize to fundraise for a new Solar Learning Lab

We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Utelize, who have launched an initiative to support the Solar Learning Labs programme – a project that brings technology to communities around the world that haven’t got access to it, ensuring everyone has a chance to learn digital skills.

Solar Learning Labs (SLL) are shipping containers repurposed into a portable tech centre, fitted with computers, internet access and its own solar power system, making it completely self-sufficient. We can build and transport these SLLs anywhere in the world, allowing communities to become more interconnected than ever before.

One of our current projects is a new Solar Learning Lab in Xitlhelani, South Africa. When completed, it will provide 11 workstations (10 dedicated student workstations and 1 for the teacher). Moreover, members of the community will all be given digital training through the International Computer Driving License.

How does it work?

Utelize have created an innovative solution to raise funds whilst also recycling thousands of devices. After generous organisations donate their devices to this project, Utelize will organise the processing and wiping of them to prepare for resale. 100% of the funds raised from the resale go towards the selected Solar Learning Lab projects to improve education through technology in areas where access is limited. 

Thank you Utelize for helping us reduce the digital divide.