Dell Youth Learning program reaches 4 new schools

As part of our partnership with Dell Giving this year we are supporting the expansion of the Dell Youth Learning program to more locations around the world. The Dell Solar Powered Learning Lab is providing a sustainable solution that incorporates the best of Dell’s technology and our international development expertise in an education setting. Children who previously might have had limited access to technology, now have access to the best of Dell Thin Clients technology and an ICT education adapted to their local curriculum and needs by our in country partners.

Looking to offer the best possible technology solutions we have partnered with Africa Power Storage (APS). We will be able to power our Zubabox more efficiently and bring solar energy to remote schools with their  generator, which provides electricity for less than $0.02 per KWh. Real time remote monitoring will ensure reliability and their smart meter enables prepaid energy. This is essential to our work as it means we can bring energy independence and ICT to any school, no matter the location.

In addition, we are also partnering with Aleutia Computers a UK based company who are re-imagining how computers should look and work. They have designed computers with a low energy consumption, perfect for rural Africa. Running at only 7.2 watts, these computers will be a perfect pairing to our solar projects.

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