GS Nyabagendwa

Digital Schools Rwanda

The Rwanda Digital Schools project has been working to improve teacher, student and educational outcomes at 8 Secondary schools across Kigali, by providing ICT infrastructure for computer labs and further assistive technology such as printers, projectors, and speakers. The project will benefit up to 2,000 students in the first phase, with 12,000 students expected to benefit over the technology's lifetime.

Rutabo Secondary School

The schools were chosen with the Rwanda Education Board (REB), based upon their need for modernising and infrastructure improvements, their capacity for equipment, and their ability to successfully sustain the labs. The majority of schools had no prior ICT equipment and 41% of teachers hadn't accessed a computer prior to the project. 

Three teachers from each of the 8 schools have taken part in online ICDL training to gain better competence in ICT skills, allowing them to better incorporate the technology into their teaching and classes. On average, 19 teachers have passed all 6 modules offered to them, and there have been a total of 112 passes across all ICDL assessments. Teachers have also completed baseline monitoring surveys during their training, which allows us to monitor changes as a result of the project.

Looking forward, we expect all computer labs to be fully installed in September. Shortly after this occurs, students across all schools will be asked to complete surveys, providing information about any previous usage with technology, their current experiences at school, and any challenges they face in their learning. Principals will also complete surveys providing high-level information pertaining to their school. 

Musave Secondary School