Ethiopian Knowledge and Technology Transfer Society (EKTTS)

In December 2017, EKTTS received a consignment of 800 computers from Computer Aid International.  EKTTS is one of our longest partnerships in Ethiopia, to which we have shipped over 7000 computers since 2006.

EKTTS was established in February 2002 and is a development-oriented indigenous, non-governmental and nonpartisan organisation. Over the last fifteen years, EKTTS have successfully implemented various projects in all regions, and the two city Administrations of Ethiopia. Their Education Support Program is the biggest and by far has the most impact in terms of area coverage, number of beneficiaries, resources, and time allocation.

EKTTS have also mobilised and distributed more than two million books and two hundred thousand medical books for state and privately-owned universities, medical schools, hospital libraries and secondary schools.

They work with partner organisations worldwide to tackle critical lack of books and computers in hard to reach rural areas. They are striving to promote a culture of excellence in reading and use of technologies for learning in Ethiopia, to foster skills and knowledge of technology, and to increase the influence of technology on Ethiopia’s development transformation.

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