Portable computer labs for Ukrainian refugees

Help Us Help Ukraine

Ukraine appeal for device donations and fundraising

Over the last month, millions of Ukrainian people have had to flee their homes to find safety. Whilst doing so, many of their mobile devices have been stolen, lost, or damaged.

These devices are crucial in connecting refugees to family members back in Ukraine and finding them transport, accommodation and, ultimately, safety. Without them, they are completely disconnected and in even more danger.

What are we doing to help?
With the support of our partners at N50, we have started to deploy containers equipped with a variety of digital services including charging stations, computers and internet access. This allows the refugees to find any information they need online and also to communicate with their loved ones. We plan to deploy these portable solutions where there is more concentration of refugees, starting at the Romanian border with Ukraine.

We will also send and distribute as many devices as we can to help reconnect these people. We have a number of mobiles and tablets ready to go but require additional funding so that all devices can be delivered with a charger and sim card.

How can you get involved?
We have an initial fundraising goal of £20,000 but as long as we keep raising, we will continue to send devices to Ukraine. Millions of displaced families need these devices and we plan to help as many as we can. 

Even a small donation could allow us to purchase the necessary accessories to send another device to those desperately in need. Head to the donation link below to find out more: https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/computeraid-helpushelpukraine

The portable computer labs ready for Ukrainian refugees to use