The Nicolas Robinson School

We've been supporting the Nicolas Robinson School in Ethiopia since 2009 when we sent our first container of ICT equipment to their primary school. It has since grown to become the second best school in Tigray! The school was originally dedicated to disabled war veteran families, and as such, there is no selection process at the school. 

In 2012 we sent our second container of equipment to the secondary school, allowing 2 computer labs to be made with 40 computers in one and 30 in the other. This also allowed computers in the staff room for the teachers to practice on, and computers in the admin department, allowing for electronic records to be kept.

A group of students in a computer lab

The school now has computers in all departments and everything at the school is digitalised. The labs were originally used to teach hardware skills, but now there is a focus on software skills, more specifically coding skills.

There are 1,400 students from grade 1 to grade 12 and so far, all graduating students have attended university. The school has been collaborating with the TDA ( Tigray Development Association) and about $100,000 is funded by a sponsorship program every year, with 6 local companies are funding scholarships too.
The school now has a Fiber-Optic Internet connection but due to local infrastructure, the Internet is not always reliable and still drops out during power cuts or signal outages.