Where can you Donate your Computer?

E-waste has become a growing problem in the Western world, with access to brand new devices and the consistent flow of upgrades and new releases meaning that almost as fast as something becomes fashionable and attainable on the market, it is replaced by something even newer.

The desire among modern consumers to own the latest and greatest technology devices, personal phones and laptops means that more devices than ever are sat unwanted and used, falling victim to the wasteful market that is nurtured by technology companies who make us consistently want something new.

Here at Computer Aid, we are working to change the attitudes of these consumers, by introducing them to the importance of sustainable practice both in relation to upgrading their technology and disposing of their old devices. A big part of this lies in donating devices to be refurbished and either resold or passed on to those in need both across the UK and beyond – but how do you do this, and where do you need to go to donate your computer?

The Computer Aid Business Model: How to donate computers?

Well, if you choose to donate your unwanted technology devices and computers to Computer Aid, then you don’t actually need to go anywhere. Part of our business model involves picking up computers from businesses and organisations, with the team then working to refurbish and repurpose those that are still functional and usable into devices to support marginalised communities, schools in need, and other facilities where access to technology is low.

When you donate computers to schools and other charitable endeavours through Computer Aid, you are both contributing towards the fight against e-waste and helping those in need of basic technology and access to the internet – all while getting rid of the unwanted devices that you no longer need.

Other Ways to Donate Laptops and Computers

If you’re looking for a way to donate old computers to charity, there are a number of small enterprises and NGO organisations across the UK that facilitate donations by processing the device, removing all data, and then ensuring that those computers are sent to schools and communities in need.

Alternatively, there are some electronic outlets and companies that will trade in an unwanted and old device for something newer, or who will buy back your old computer – refurbishing it for resale or disposing of it in a safe and sustainable way.

For the most part, for those who want to donate old computers to schools and communities in need, it is best to work with an established organisation that has connections across the world and the access to such communities to ensure that devices end up where they are most likely to make a difference.

If you want to keep it local and support your own community, rather than trying to donate unwanted devices and electronic goods to charity shops, consider reaching out to community groups and children’s clubs who may benefit directly from the computer or laptop that you no longer need.

The Technology Gap

Covid-19 highlighted a stark contrast between those with plenty, and those with very little in the way of life’s luxuries and extra resources – with schools as close as here in the UK struggling to keep pupils connected during lockdown due to a lack of access to laptops and devices for online learning. By donating your unwanted computer or laptop to a school or charity, you can empower young people to access the resources that will help them to help themselves.

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