Zimbabwe eClasses

The Zimbabwe eClasses Project in Harare, Zimbabwe has equipped 10 previously under-resourced primary and secondary schools with computer labs, each hosting 20 computers, 1 teacher laptop, 1 printer, speakers, headphones and a Connect Device.

Almost all 30 teachers (3 from each school) have now gained basic ICT skills, with 19 teachers having passed the assessment in all 4 base ICDL modules (Computer Essentials, Online Essentials, Word Processing and Spreadsheets). The 11 remaining teachers have all passed the Digital Citizen Plus module, which is an introductory program to ICT basics. This is particularly heartening given that prior to the project, 53% of teachers had never used a computer before.

Last weekend, all 30 teachers completed training in the ICDL 'ICT for Education' module. This module trains teachers how to effectively incorporate ICT into their teaching and will help to enhance lessons in subjects other than ICT, particularly STEM subjects. Students will benefit since teaching and learning will be more engaging and interactive.