Got questions about how we work? Hopefully this film will explain it:

We use computers and ICT equipment to improve lives through improving educational outcomes. One way we do this is through receiving donations of computers, tablets and mobile telephones from individuals, companies, schools, universities and government agencies. These are then data-wiped, professionally refurbished and used in projects to help bridge the digital divide. We work through networks of local partners in the UK and worldwide as they are best placed to understand the needs of their communities. Our training is key to realising the potential of ICT whether it is for teacher development, improved employability or better access to markets for farmers.

We use solar-energy to run our computers in areas where the electricity supply is either non-existent or unreliable - our ZubaBox was designed for this purpose. Our Connect device provides digital educational resources for the many schools lacking Internet access and/or a school library. 

Our projects are determined by the needs of local communities, and we work with our partners to ensure sustainability once project timeline ends. Our aim is always to demonstrate tangible, measurable results.