Agri-Hubs in Nigeria

Computer Aid, in conjunction with the Initiative for Food, Environment and Health Society (IFEHS) has equipped one “Agri-hub” center within Anambra State in Nigeria. With these ICT resources, farmers can secure relevant information that will improve their crop yields, livelihoods, and incomes.

The management information system is also used by farmers to advertise their products nationally and internationally via the internet.

This groundbreaking initiative benefits over 300 commercial Nigerian farmers across the state. Through their widespread use, the agri-hub has become integral to various nationally recognised bodies as many farmers accessing it are part of the Commercial Farmers Association (in existence for over six years) and the Commercial Agricultural Development Project.

IFEHS’ goal is to reduce the poverty prevalent in these communities and help them overcome the climatic uncertainties they face through using ICTs to educate communities on effective resource management and improved nutrition practices. Their partnership with Computer Aid has been especially targeted at empowering women and youth in farming communities to take leading roles in the economic stability of their families.