A Group Of Students

Digital Literacy Program in Santiago, Chile

In September 2014, the Foundation La Semilla in the North of Santiago received 6 computers and 1 notebook through our local partner Chilenter to run an ICT literacy program within the local community.

I couldn’t even switch on a machine, I was so afraid of computers, that I was even scared to get cash at an ATM, I thought that if I was wrong with a key, I would lose the card

said Rosa Fuentes, one of the beneficiaries of the digital literacy program taught by the Foundation.

The workshop for senior citizens and people with disabilities was completed in August this year thanks to Chilenter. For Olga Chacan, the reasons to enroll in this course were different. “I was motivated to help my granddaughter a little more. She is 6 years old, and at school they ask a lot of information. Now I can support her with computer skills I quickly acquired.” she said, “Even though the first class made me tense, it was all a bit scary, it has now completely changed, I enjoy being here, and I feel that I have overcome my fears.”

To Otilia Riquelme, after a stroke that indicated serious consequences for mobility, this initiative was a way to boost her and positively rethink her future. “I need to keep learning. Very soon I want to be able to showcase on the internet what I do with my hands and sell my products. The computer will compensate for the disabilities that I got in the accident.”

The program that is taught once a week in the Foundation, seeks to train approximately 30 people in basic computer skills. The teacher, Maria Loreto Vera explained that due to the high interest, many students were left without seats, enough reason to consider extending the initiative for next year, as confirmed by the CEO of the Foundation, Hector Nordetti. He anticipates that 2015 will not only continue with the courses but also open the computer laboratory for all the population of Hijuelas.