Leek High School Receive 25 Laptops

As part of our campaign to get Laptops to Schools that need them, Leek High School were delighted to receive the donation of twenty-five laptops from ComputerAid ensuring that every pupil now has access to remote learning during the pandemic.

"Although we had been allocated some government machines we still had a shortfall, so, we approached several organisations for help. ComputerAid immediately contacted us and their response was fantastic. Within a week we had the laptops at school ready to give to pupils. Even though schools are now back, the threat of class bubbles having to again self-isolate is still present but with Computeraid's generous donation it will mean that all pupils will have a laptop to work from home as necessary"

William Hurst Chair of Governors at Leek High

Leek High School

While we have typically focused more on projects overseas, the pandemic hit the UK hard and we saw a huge increase in requests from schools and organisations in the UK. This meant us refocusing our work to help provide computers to non-profits, schools and charities who needed technology to continue their work and education. 

"Providing access to technology is at the heart of what we do at Computer Aid International. Being able to assist UK pupils who are suffering from the digital divide in this country, which has been worsened by the Covid-19 pandemic, is one of our top priorities as an organisation. We hope that the pandemic will highlight the desperate need for technology as an educational tool and that it will be taken seriously as an issue"

Alice Walker-Mitchell, Marketing Officer at ComputerAid

We are hoping to donate more laptops to schools that need them to keep their students connected to online learning. If you know a school that is looking for laptops for their students, they can apply here for equipment:

Apply here

We are currently offering free collection and data wiping for individuals who want to donate a laptop to this cause, you can find out more about that here:

Donate Laptops