Partner with us

There are several ways you could partner with us:

Increase your CSR portfolio by donating either all or a percentage of your disposed equipment to projects in the UK and overseas. Since 1997, Computer Aid has provided over 260,000 computers enabling people to develop crucial 21st-century skills opening opportunities not otherwise available.

Support our Digital Schools

Through our Digital Schools programme, we aim to provide teachers and students with 21st-century skills and opportunities by providing them with highly desirable skills, to benefit their employment and higher education prospects. 

We need 1,000 PCs/laptops each month to equip 40 schools with an Digital classroom. This will enable 100 students per day to learn the ICT skills they need to improve their lives. You can help our Digital Schools programme by donating a portion or all of your computers to equip classrooms.

Employee Engagement

We offer a wide range of activities that companies can include within their employee engagement schemes. Employees can volunteer for us on projects or at our office, join fundraising events such as the Superhero or Santa run, or even help spread the word online about the work we do in digital development.

Fund our Connect Device

To overcome the lack of reliable and affordable internet connectivity in schools, Computer Aid has launched the Connect device in partnership with World Possible, to facilitate access to tailored content for educational institutions in developing countries. The Connect device will help students access a whole host of pre-downloaded materials such as Wikipedia articles, Khan Academy videos, scientific simulations and much more.

Sponsor a Solar Learning Lab

Solar Learning Labs are shipping containers converted into solar-powered computer labs. They enrich learning by creating a unique space which provides inclusion to traditionally marginalised communities.

Through this global program, we help students to develop transferable skills for school, higher-education and work, and train them in critical thinking. We believe this approach can help them become positive leaders of change in their community.

You can sponsor one of our Solar Learning Labs through the revenue generated from the sale of your refurbished items, and support a 3-year digital development program in Africa.