A teacher and student using a laptop.

Advantages of ICT in Education

From Googling the answer to a question to creating and identifying job opportunities as a result of enhanced development and technical understanding, ICT isn’t just a subject on the curriculum across Western schools. It is a tool which supports a rounded and modern education for all.

With ICT, technology, and access to the internet, comes the chance of a broader understanding and enhanced options for young people and adults alike – curating new skills and opening new doors which connect different communities.

When a child is given access to computer technology as part of their education, not only do they develop the skills required to work in modern job roles around the world, but they also benefit from greater connectivity to the wider world around them. Likewise, when adult learning is supported by ICT, individuals have a chance to forge connections online and create online businesses to earn a living.

How Computer Aid supports ICT in education

Here at Computer Aid, we have been connecting people with technology for over 25 years – taking recycled equipment and distributing it through our partner organisations who work with communities around the world who can benefit from such donations.

When you recycle PCs and computer technology, you breathe new life into the equipment that – to you – has become outdated, while also enabling someone less fortunate to benefit from the life changing opportunity that ICT skills and access to the internet can bring.

Donating used equipment for reuse is by far the best way of recycling unwanted technology – with our teams able to wipe the data and reprogram devices so that the lifespan of the item can be extended, sometimes by up to 5 years.

What one PC could do

When people in developing countries, for example, are given access to a single PC for a lifespan of 5 years, this can train 60 children to become computer and ICT literate and could help an adult to create and nurture the growth of an online business to support their family.

In addition to the ways in which a single donated PC could support the education of adults and children in less fortunate communities, donating a PC to be reused through Computer Aid is also 20 times more energy efficient than recycling it at home. This empowers communities to become sustainable in building their own connectivity and online opportunities.

ICT in Education

The vision of Computer Aid is to nurture a world where every person has access to computers and technology, enabling them to become computer and ICT literate. With access to ICT equipment comes access to the wider world, creating opportunities that would previously have been unattainable for many in less fortunate communities.

To find out more about how you can support a program of reusing rather than recycling, get in touch today.