3 children enjoying some new computers.

Donating Laptops to Students

There’s no denying that technology has massively increased the speed at which we learn nowadays. Due to its huge impact on the education system, studying is no longer boring because learning is so much more interactive, immersive, and above all, fun! In today’s day and age, a laptop is a necessity for students.

While this is exciting for most children and young adults, there are still students who cannot afford to buy new technology. 

Some don’t even have access to it.

Schools do what they can to ensure equal learning opportunities for all, but unfortunately, the same standard of education cannot be given due to a lack of funding. Our mission at Computer Aid is to reduce the digital divide, but sadly since Covid-19 it has expanded. As lockdown was imposed, many schools, colleges, and universities closed, forcing students to study online. This massive change resulted in some students falling behind as they did not have stable internet access or a device at home for online learning.

We partnered with Avanade (a company jointly owned by Microsoft and Accenture) to bring devices to students in need. By doing this, we were able to donate laptops to many schools in the UK, including Upton Court Grammar School and Bishop Tenison School.

Together, we can help students have access to computers and ensure their education is not compromised by circumstances out of their control. The donated laptops that we are able to give to students are genuinely life-changing. 

If you have laptops you would like to donate but are unsure of how to get them to us, we actually offer a courier service. We can arrange the collection of the laptops, all you need to do is get in touch with us!