Driving Change: Exploring the Positive Impacts of Computer Recycling on Corporate Social Responsibility

E-waste management isn’t just about getting rid of technology you no longer use in a way which is sustainable and safe for the environment. In fact, as an increasing number of businesses are finding, it grants an opportunity to combine this sustainable approach to technology waste with a renewed focus on corporate social responsibility – turning devices that your business no longer uses into tangible donations which bring connectivity to communities around the world.

The digital divide is an issue which is becoming more pronounced year on year, as those with access to technology take leaps towards innovative digital solutions, leaving those without technology further behind. Computer recycling is just one way that companies can work to bridge this divide, by alleviating their reliance on landfill to dispose of devices and instead channelling them into a positive program for change.

What is corporate social responsibility?

Also known as your company’s CSR goals, corporate social responsibility is the commitment of companies across all sectors and industries to reverse the environmental and social impact of their operations – taking steps to mitigate and balance this impact with a series of positive initiatives.

To understand this, let’s look a little closer at the impact of a single office worker.

An office worker who drives to work has their own carbon footprint from the car they drive. Spending their working hours at a laptop releases further carbon, not just in terms of their usage but in the manufacturing and production of that laptop. 

Now let’s say they upgrade to a new laptop. Eventually the previous laptop is thrown away, and it ends up in landfill, where it breaks down slowly and releases harmful toxins to the surrounding environment.

Corporate social responsibility is about acknowledging the damage caused during each of those stages and making small changes to reverse them. For example, a company might reward those who car share or use public transport, and it can choose to donate technology to minimise e-waste.

Despite being largely self-regulated, the increase in awareness around CSR goals and their importance means that more companies than ever are striving to meet and surpass these goals through both sustainable and charitable programs which connect their philanthropic work with their commitment to the environment and to social goals.

One of the best ways of doing this is through a renewed focus on e-cycling – notably by donating computers to a charity like Computer Aid. 

How does computer recycling contribute towards CSR?

In short, when a company chooses to donate technology rather than discard it through landfill sites, both the environmental and social goals of that company are boosted – and can be reported using the comprehensive information provided by Computer Aid.

Computer recycling means that devices are given a new lease of life through donation to communities without access to technology, both locally and overseas. These donations are managed and monitored by on the ground partners who are able to identify the communities who are most in need of donated technology, providing reports to donors on their impact and the positive effect it has had on present and future generations.

All of this, while also providing corporate partners and companies with a convenient and accessible outlet for technology which works but is no longer needed by their staff. It really couldn’t be easier.

Finetune your CSR goals today

Computer recycling is something easy which can be explored and started today – taking all the devices that you no longer need or use and funnelling them into an initiative which wipes, refurbishes, and donates them to people that need them.

Whether it’s a local school or a community overseas, we work to ensure that companies know where their donation has been sent and can access information on who it has helped and how.

For more information or to find out how to become a corporate partner, get in touch today!