The Economic Benefits of Responsible IT Disposal: Turning Waste into Opportunities

What do you do with previous devices and computers each time your office upgrades its equipment?

Do you know where screens, computers, laptops, and keyboards go when a member of staff leaves and their replacement is presented with a whole new collection of tech?

Here at Computer Aid, we don’t just offer a solution to IT disposal – we are also committed to informing our donors of why what we do is so important. In short, we want to make responsible IT disposal the norm, so that every office and corporate worker recognises the value in donating a computer or device to a cause which turns waste into opportunity.

Here are some of the benefits of responsible IT disposal on an economic scale.

The economic benefits of donating IT equipment

Many of the donors who already work with us recognise the value not just for those in need, but also in relation to their inhouse CSR goals. When you donate computers and technology to a charity like Computer Aid, you cause a number of things happen.

First, you protect the environment by directing unwanted tech away from damaging landfill sites and towards a positive mission that changes lives.

Secondly, you protect your company data. Every computer and device that comes to us is properly wiped of all data and information before being refurbished for reuse or recycling.

Thirdly, you help a community or local group in need. Partnering with charitable causes all over the world, we ensure that donated IT has a positive effect on the global economy.

Best of all, all three of these touchpoints are sustainable and demonstrate your company’s commitment to the environment, your corporate security, and the global support of others.

How does IT waste become an opportunity?

By working with local charity groups and groundworkers on a global scale, we can identify those most in need of access to technology to facilitate sustainable growth and development.

From placing computers and laptops in schools to enhance resources and learning, to creating entire computer labs overseas to show communities how to use IT equipment, your donations matter and truly make a difference. 

This provision of technology and devices is combined with training and ongoing support for these communities so that they can get online and get the most out of their new IT equipment.

How to donate computers

All you need to do is get in touch with us and open a conversation about what you are able to donate, and we will do the rest - arranging for the pick up of devices and then wiping and refurbishing them all within our own specialist units and facilities.

All corporate donors receive reports as to the impact of their donation and will be properly informed of how their donation has impacted lives. 

For more information on becoming one of our corporate partners, get in touch today.