Green IT: Navigating the Path to Environmentally Friendly Electronics Disposal

There are two different branches of electronics disposal that we want to outline and discuss.

The first one centres around recycling and reusing technology devices and electronics.   Devices undergo a comprehensive refurbishment process before being funnelled through partnerships and sent to those without access to this technology.

The second focuses on the importance of safe and sustainable disposal for those devices that cannot be recycled or reused. Can electronics be stripped down and used for different parts and components? What is the difference between sustainable disposal and landfill disposal? Let’s take a closer look.

What are the methods for disposing of e-waste?

The rate at which electronics and smart devices are being upgraded and manufactured means that many products have a fleeting lifespan. Especially prominent in the world of industry and business. The release of a newly upgraded device can often mean that a lot of devices are considered outdated virtually overnight. We are concerned about what happens to those "outdated" and unwanted devices.

The disposal method that many companies use the ‘put-it-in-a-cupboard-and-forget-about-it’ method. While not directly causing any harm, what this does is render the device ultimately unusable as any working components are left to disintegrate. This is a surefire way to ultimately condemn a device to landfill.

When a device is sent to a landfill, the problems only continue. The device continues to break down, and hazardous and toxic chemicals are released making their way into the surrounding habitats, waterways and grounds. This has a debilitating effect on the stability of the local ecosystem and causes irreparable damage to the environment.

This is why safe and sustainable disposal is so important, be it through recycling or eco-friendly disposal.

1.      Refurbishing, Recycling, and Reusing

Undoubtedly the best approach for electronics disposal and e-waste is a thorough refurb and reuse process. We offer this service to our clients and partners.

All the devices that are donated by companies and donors are wiped off all data first. Hey are then refurbished to ensure that they are in good working order. With the support of partners all over the world, these devices are then sent to the communities and areas where they are most needed. We are able to deliver online resources and connectivity to areas without access to these resources.

2.      Stripping old devices for parts

This is the recommended disposal method for devices that cannot be refurbished and reused as they are. At Computer Aid, we still accept devices that are not suitable for recycling and will endeavour to break the devices down into a series of components that can then be used for electronic repairs. Alternatively, they can be discarded in the safest way possible.

What is the most sustainable solution for e-waste?

The best and most sustainable solution for e-waste is donating the device or electronics to a company that specialises in refurbishing devices.

Recycling electronic devices gives them a second life where they can help bridge the digital divide. They simultaneously also mitigate the ever-growing demand for newly made devices.

The best thing that we can do is to utilise the existing resources that we have to the best of our ability. Refurbishing, recycling, and reusing existing devices is a way of giving communities all over the world access to much-needed technology. It saves the modern world’s outdated devices from being needlessly discarded.

What can you do today to boost the sustainable efforts of your business?

Computer Aid has established a process through which electronics that you no longer need or use are given a second lease of life. Our business partners arrange to pick up the devices and will provide your business with a report to establish and outline the impact of your donation. 

The donation helps the business achieve its CSR goals. It makes it easier for you to know where your devices go and how they contribute to the overall mission of environmentally friendly electronics disposal.

Start making a difference and support a more environmentally friendly future for unwanted electronic devices.

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