Limpopo, South Africa

Limpopo Opening Ceremony

Connecting remote communities and creating opportunities in rural South Africa

An innovative Solar Community Hub will connect remote communities and help to create better life opportunities for people in Limpopo, rural South Africa. SITA South Africa, Dell Technologies and Computer Aid International are working together to provide educational opportunities for historically marginalised communities.

The Solar Community Hub will provide access to clean water, electricity, connectivity and a variety of educational opportunities for community members who use the hub each year.

To support digital inclusion in rural communities, this project aligns with the South African National Development Plan to reduce poverty and close the gaps of inequality. The focus will be to support Limpopo community members to develop 21st-century skills and to create spaces that foster innovation and creativity. Digital skills training will help create better life opportunities for potentially 2,000 people.

Thanks to our partners!

The Solar Community hub is an initiative supported by Dell Technologies in 27 locations in 7 countries in partnership with Computer Aid International. As part of the Limpopo program, SITA South Africa, through its B-BBEE initiative, provided additional funding for training and certifying 320 students to increase the number of ICDL-certified beneficiaries to 520.