A teacher and student using a laptop.

Our visit to Ashurst Wood Primary School

Learn about how Ashurst School and our visit.

Ashurst Wood Primary School is continuing to create opportunities for its students through ICT with the help of Computer Aid. This school is renowned for it's friendly atmosphere and inspires and supports the students to be creative learners.

The school is working hard to become a creative space for learning, using IT technology to do so. They want to create a space for the children to develop a love of learning and to be confident in their contributions to the world.

The Goals

The school faced a share of challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic due to lacking availability of IT resources for the students. They wanted to create a learning environment that encourages sustainability, so they took part in the Let's Localise initiative as part of Earth Day. The teachers and students demonstrated knowledge of sustainability, including finding out more about single-use plastics, climate change, and more. Let's Localise wanted to encourage and reward schools that put in the effort to participate in the workshops that they ran, including the Eco Hub talk. The talk included information about how to lead a more sustainable life and how to implement this into everyday tasks. They also taught the students about the journey of a plastic bottle, furthering eco-conscious learning. Information about sustainability has also been added to parts of the school curriculum.

The Results

Because of their work learning more about being eco-friendly, the school was given laptops, donated by Cognizant in June 2022 in partnership with Let's Localise, who are on hand to make sure every pupil gets the best digital resources and in turn, education.

Headteacher Lisa Hobby was pleased to see the results of the initiative, telling us how the laptops will help the school and the children. "The laptops will enable us to support those children who find writing difficult to use some inclusive software that we have not been able to access as all our laptops have died. The children will be using them every day for computing lessons, maths fluency sessions spelling practice and much more!"

This visit was an insightful look into how Ashurst Wood Primary School has worked hard to learn about sustainability and to teach it throughout the student's time in lessons.