Recycling with a Purpose – Connecting IT Disposal and Corporate Social Responsibility

It’s the season of giving, of increased community spirit, and of connection to others – be it family, friends, loved ones, or those in need. The last few years have shown us just how important it is to stay connected to others in whatever way we can – but have also demonstrated how tough this can be without access to technology.

As a result, the need for donated computers, particularly from large companies and organisations that want to connect their CSR goals with philanthropic activity and global support, is higher than ever before.

If your business or company is looking for a way to recycle computers and devices that you no longer use, and you’re interested in learning how an initiative which involves recycled computers can also bolster your charitable activity, your environmental sustainability, and your in-house governance, then this is the right blog for you.

The benefits of computer recycling

The first and most widely understood benefit of computer recycling is environmental. A device which is disposed of as rubbish will ultimately end up on a landfill site, often somewhere overseas where it gradually but surely starts to disintegrate. What’s left is a combination of hazardous components and chemicals, which are then allowed to leak into the soil and be transferred to waterways where they cause undue damage to habitats and entire ecosystems.

Computer recycling removes this eventuality by instead either breathing new life into a device so that it is suitable for reuse or breaking the device down into workable and recyclable elements. Then the parts are either reused or recycled in a safe and sustainable manner.

Consider just how high your company’s demand is for new technology and equipment – and then translate that into the manufacturing demands of your company alone. The carbon emissions from computer manufacturing are exceptionally high, with one of the only ways to help balance this being the recycling of computers so that even if you’re not using them, someone else can.

Other benefits of computer recycling include the societal philanthropy of donating computers to charities in need of such donations and accessing the full data wiping service associated with the recycling process, which strips devices of all personal information before refurbishing them.  

Why recycle computers via a charitable initiative like Computer Aid

When you recycle your computers and devices via an initiative like Computer Aid, you embody the concept of recycling with a purpose. What we mean by this is that every device donated to Computer Aid is either recycled and disposed of safely and securely (if it is unusable) or refurbished and passed on to a community in need via one of the many ground workers and charity partners.

Recognising the corporate need for reports and statements which prove and underpin the CSR goals and strategies of businesses, Computer Aid requests regular impact reports from those charity partners, outlining the ways in which specific donations have supported different communities. These reports can be used by a company or business to highlight and showcase its philanthropic and CSR strategy in action.

Another reason why working with an organisation like Computer Aid is good for business is the ease with which the entire service can be accessed. Computer Aid makes it easy for companies to turn devices into donations by conducting the data-wiping process on your behalf so that you can hand over devices safely in the knowledge that any remaining information will be wiped effectively.

What’s in it for you? The benefits of recycling for your business

If all of that isn’t enough, or you need a quick round-up of the many benefits outlined in this blog, then here are a few bullet points reasons why recycling computers is good for business.

  • When you donate computers, you save them from being discarded and ending up in landfill sites
  • Donating computers creates a chain of recycling, which reduces and balances the demand for new manufactured goods
  • By donating computers, you give those without access to technology a chance to find resources and connections that will help them embrace new opportunities
  • Donating your computers to Computer Aid is an effective way of ridding your office of devices that you do not need or no longer use

For more information on Computer Aid’s mission and how we connect IT disposal with business CSR goals, get in touch with the team today.