Teachers graduate in Zimbabwe!

We visited Zimbabwe last month to attend the graduation ceremony for teachers on our eClasses programme. It was great to see the progress they had made; some hadn't used a computer before starting the training. All 30 teachers have now passed at least one module, giving them a good understanding of basic computer skills. In total 11 teachers passed the Digital Citizen Module, which is a more basic module leading up to ICDL.

23 teachers passed ICDL modules in total with the breakdown below:

  • 4 teachers passed one ICDL module
  • 2 teachers passed two modules
  • 1 teacher passed three modules
  • 3 teachers passed four modules
  • 13 teachers passed all 5 modules

A total of 30 teachers graduated across ICDL and Digital Citizen Plus, a wonderful result. All teachers trained have gained massive confidence and find it easier to incorporate ICT into their teaching. On our visit to the schools, we asked the teachers how they had found the experience. They were all very enthusiastic about the training and would like to receive further training. 

Before the eClass project, most of the schools didn’t teach ICT or if they did, it was only theoretically; they have now all introduced an ICT class. We look forward to seeing the difference our eClasses program makes in Stage 2 & 3.