Data Security in Disposal: Safeguarding Information During IT Recycling

There are plenty of reasons to opt for recycling, particularly when it comes to IT disposal. Recycling unwanted devices and computers supports a company’s CSR goals and helps nurture a more sustainable approach to device disposal. It also puts company security at the forefront of the process.

Ever since the rollout of GDPR in 2018, companies have been unwaveringly committed to data protection for businesses, their team members, as well as clients and customers. Any data which is stored by a company must be approved and secured correctly.

But when it comes to IT disposal, details like data protection and security can sometimes be overlooked.

Organisations can securely dispose of unwanted IT equipment and devices and keep their data safe. Maintaining a comprehensive approach to data security throughout the disposal process is vital for data security. You can have your device refurbished or recycled through Computer Aid. We offer an IT disposal service that ensures that computers and other related equipment are disposed of safely and sustainably.

How does computer recycling promote data security in IT disposal?

There are countless benefits of recycling computers. One of the lesser-noted but equally important benefits that we want to draw attention to is the GDPR compliance checks that are carried out on each donated computer.

When you access Computer Aid’s IT Disposal Service, your company can unlock a series of options which all tie into GDPR compliance and data security regulations. This ensures that every device you hand over for recycling via our programme is completely wiped of all company information.

Our IT disposal service includes:

  • Onsite data wiping. 

Keeping all devices in-house throughout the recycling process we minimise the risk of any data breach before data wiping.

  • Hard drive shredding

Complete removal of the hard drive from each device, including a shredding service which destroys all of the remaining data.

  • Hard drive removal.

We can remove and dispose of your hard drive, or return it to you.

Depending on your company structure and security requirements, a bespoke combination of these different options should protect your company data and reputation as a GDPR-compliant organisation.

Why should organisations choose to recycle computers? 

Data wiping and security are a priority for many of our corporate partners who donate computers. These companies play a role in combating e-waste and fulfilling their corporate social responsibility. 

When you donate devices to Computer Aid, you join our mission of bridging the digital divide which is currently pushing those without access to technology away from modern technology. By funnelling much-needed computers and resources to these beneficiaries, we can empower communities and grant them more access to the digital world. This facilitates training, skills building, and more education.

Donating computers and other tech devices can give them new life by giving them new owners. Computer devices that are thrown away often end up in landfills polluting the surrounding environment. Rather than simply discarding them, organisations can partner with Computer Aid and have their devices recycled.

Recycling creates a process through which your company can support its corporate and social responsibility goals with ease.

Every computer which is donated to Computer Aid is wiped by our team of professionals who will work with you to establish your security requirements. It is then restored to full function and donated to one of our charity partners, where its impact will be tracked and presented back to you in a report. 

Get in touch to find out more about the full process.