How can you Recycle your Old Computer?

With the size of the technology industry driven by new releases and regular upgrades, it can be easy as a consumer to seek out the latest new computer or laptop and leave your old model by the wayside.

But did you know that computers which aren’t properly disposed of contribute towards the rising problem of e-waste, destroying the environment and natural habitats around landfill sites and creating a cycle of issues which impact everything from wildlife and plant life to the safety of our own water sources and more.

In this blog, we’re sharing advice on how best to ensure that your computer is recycled safely and efficiently, with options which include recycling old computers for charity and stripping devices of all their data before proper disposal.

What happens when you recycle a computer?

Crucially, recycling a computer does not necessarily mean that it will be used again – nor does it definitely mean that it’ll be stripped and disposed of. Most companies and organisations that offer a computer or technology device recycling service will work on a case by case basis in terms of what they do with each device they receive.

Here at Computer Aid, we refurbish those devices and computers that can be reused, stripping them of any data that links them to former owners and then passing them on to our charity partners both in the UK and abroad. If a computer cannot be reused then we will dispose of it safely, protecting the environment to ensure that we are not contributing towards the rising issue of e-waste.

While these are the two options that we offer, other companies and organisations offer a third service option which sees them refurbish computers in order to be resold – although typically this is not something that charities will offer, rather it is an approach used by companies that buy unwanted devices and refurbish them for resale.

The main point of recycling an old computer is that it either injects a new lease of life into the device so that it can be reused by a consumer or someone in need, or ensures that the device is disposed of safely. With that in mind, how do you donate old computers and is there a time limit on when a computer can be recycled before it is considered “too old”?

Is my computer too old to donate?

A computer device may well be deemed too old for refurbishment or reuse, but it will never be too old to be recycled effectively and efficiently – which is why ensuring that every device is passed to a proper recycling service is so important.

The chemical make-up of every computer and technological device is such that when the chemicals are allowed to breakdown and leak out of the device’s casing, they can cause immense damage to their surroundings – making them incredibly dangerous. That’s why a proper recycling outlet will always strip the device and dispose of each part effectively.

Can I recycle my old computer for charity?

If you want your unwanted computer to provide benefits to someone in need, the best way to do so is by donating your computer to a charity that works directly with communities across the UK and beyond in need of technology resources and support. If you want to keep it local then consider local community groups and charities that could well use the devices you no longer want, or you can get in touch with an organisation like Computer Aid where we will match your computers with a school, overseas village, or facility that needs it.

For more information, reach out to us directly.