Why e-cycling matters: Protecting the planet and your privacy

With technology waste, also known as e-waste, a growing issue in both social and environmental sectors, it seems as if the conversation around digitalisation is becoming overrun by the demand for a more sustainable approach to technology.

Whether you work for a corporate organisation looking to enhance its CSR goals through a renewed commitment to e-cycling, or simply want to explore a more sustainable way of discarding unwanted technology, knowing the benefits of e-cycling is as important as identifying the options.

At Computer Aid, we work with corporate and private clients to make e-cycling not only easier to access but also easier to understand from an environmental and social standpoint. Many consumers aren’t fully aware of the additional benefit linked to proper e-cycling, which protects personal and business data from being compromised.

The environmental benefits of e-cycling

To understand the environmental benefits of e-cycling and how it protects the planet, you need to know a little more about what happens to technology which is simply discarded and sent to landfill.

When you dispose of a laptop or technological device, it is sent to landfill as it is. Without being stripped for parts and handled safely, this device simply starts to break down over time, and can release harmful and often toxic chemicals into the ground surrounding the landfill site. These chemicals, which are released from the device itself and from batteries, trickle into waterways and surrounding soil, causing damage to habitats and ecosystems alike.

E-cycling means that not only are devices sorted effectively and safely, but they avoid landfill altogether. At Computer Aid, we have a commitment to breathing a new lease of life into all reusable devices and separating those which are not suitable for reuse into functioning parts, before disposing of the rest safely. 

So, what does this all have to do with personal data and how does e-cycling protect your privacy?

How e-cycling protects your data and your privacy

It all links back to the safe disposal of devices. As part of our work to recycle all functioning devices and dispose of those which cannot be reused, all laptops, phones, and other technology is sent to our trusted and experienced partners who wipe the devices of all data and personal information. 

This means that before a device is disposed of or refurbished ahead of donation, it is wiped of any data which connects it back to its previous owner. This protects personal information for private users, and company information for those donations which come from a corporation.

The other benefits of e-cycling: social goals and charitable work

Of course, there are other benefits to e-cycling beyond the way this initiative protects the planet and your privacy.

In terms of social goals, donating a computer to an e-cycling initiative likes ours helps us to bridge the digital divide by giving computers and devices to areas and communities where they are needed most. From enabling communities to connect to the internet for development and opportunity, to aiding school children in accessing the latest resources for learning and education, donating computers is one of the best ways of meeting your organisation’s CSR goals.

Accessing e-cycling initiatives: what to do next

If e-cycling is something that you want to explore for your company, then Computer Aid is here to help.

We make it possible for you to see how far your device has travelled and how it has helped communities without access to technology by providing you with an impact report of your specific donation. You’ll be able to see how your technology has helped a community, school or organisition, both internationally and at home in the UK. It couldn’t be easier to access the information you need to connect your donation to your company’s CSR goals.

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